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Do we pay more than the actual value of the product online?

Do we pay more than the actual value of the product online?

Respected Customers,

Have you ever thought that you end up paying more money than the actual value of product while making a purchase online, the logic is very simple. If you wish to buy a particular type of design, you explore different websites to search for a product as per your liking. When we explore lookalike designs on different websites, we create a mindset that the buying cost of the product is somewhat same with a very little price difference and we end up placing our order and finally wait for the product.

However, if you do a little more research online and look for more collections of upcoming brands, you will realize that the actual price of the product which you ordered is 50% less than what you thought it would be. For instance, if you explore latest collections of a new brand & from their company owned website, you will get more value for money than expected.

Considering the fact that their is a possibility of fraudulent activity happening with you while taking a risk of buying from a new brand or website, these are the steps you can surely take which will reduce the risk by 95%, of getting trapped into an attractive deal or offer:

1. Search for Company Owned Website: Always search for the brand name on Google for a new brand & search for their company website.

2. Customer Reviews on Social Media Platforms: Don't only check product page reviews or ratings on website or on advertisement on social media platforms, check the Customer reviews on Google, Facebook, Instagram & other relevant social media platforms. This will surely boost your confidence of making a purchase from a new brand if you get to see good feedback from Existing Customers.

3. Place your first Order as COD (Cash On Delivery) not Prepaid: There are instances that you make a prepaid payment just to avoid cash transactions or if by chance you may not be available at your delivery address when the courier person visits your address. Surely, every business wants to increase prepaid Customers % however, I think your first purchase should always be COD because you should pay when you receive your order due to the following reasons:

a) You get more time to research about the Website or Company.

b) You can surely call, message or mail to Customer Care Team to enquire about the delivery of your order, which will also support getting the right product. Some Customers have experienced that after making an online prepaid purchase, they are not able to connect with Website or Company representatives as the numbers are not working or they don't get response to their emails.

4. Check Product Replacement or Return Policy before making a purchase: These days easy returns is the easiest option for Customers to make a purchase from different websites. You need to understand that if you are spending nearly double amount to buy a product, then the seller will happily accept returns as the overall return % is comparatively less & order volume is higher with high margins. However, if you think of buy a product from a new brand on a very reasonable & affordable price, then you should always check if they will be able to accept the return or they only have a replacement policy as they offer you a product with nearly half of the price you pay on different renowned websites.

In today's competitive environment, you should surely support upcoming brands or Entrepreneurs who are genuinely selling high quality products with lowest margins with a long-term mindset :

a) Customer get actual value for money of every rupee spent.

b) Increase chances of Customer Retention & loyalty with best in class service offered.

c) Clear communication with Customers from the time of receiving an order till its delivery with a motive to convert every Customer into Happy Customer.

d) To set a new bench mark for other competitive brands with big pockets.

I thought of writing this blog from learnings from my past experiences & more interaction with Customers on a daily basis. Hope this will help you a little to save more money & get a fruitful as well as hassle free experience with new brands.

Warm Regards,

Honey Chhabra (Firm & Brand Owner)

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